Educa Red

Educa Red
Idea promoter: Centro Tecnologías de ROCHA.

The Objective

It is part of the World Objective 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

“Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”.

The Challenge

Nowadays many children and young people participate in social networks having contact with strangers, exposing themselves to many dangers. They do not have the necessary knowledge or tools to recognize and deal with them. What would be the solution? To participate or not to participate of the social networks? Prohibit or educate? Who are prepared to educate our children and young people to participate in social networks? The management of technology it’s not only the problem but also part of the solution.

In this deep challenge, people from all over the world will be engaged in the search and promotion of creative solutions oriented to the good use of technologies.

We invite you to commit to the future.
The future is you #DeepChallenge.

These videos may help you understand the challenge: